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 ID Tag Success Stories
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Pet ID tags have frequently been responsible for reuniting pets with their people. As Petsonthenet is NZ's nationwide database for lost and found pets, we get lots of lost and found pet success stories every week. Many pets are found as a result of ID tags. Here are just a few of those ID tag success stories.

A few are sad stories... where our ID tags helped identify a dead or injured pet...but their owners were grateful that hey could support their pet in their injury or at least find resolution in knowing what happened and be able to say goodbye...

"Best money I ever spent"
I lost my cat Cinny after I moved from Torbay. Luckily I had anticipated she might wander off and get lost so I bought her a name tag with my ph no and address on it. It was 3 and a half weeks before she was returned to me but it was due to her name tag - and it was the best money I ever spent. I tell everyone now about Petsonthenet and I check the lost ads regularly to see if I can help reunite someone with a lost pet. Its a very sad experience and one I never wish to repeat!!


Lily reunited after 3 months and 65 kms from home due to her ID tag!
Lily the Burmese was reunited after 3 months due to her ID tag!On 14th January I lost my lovely Burmese cat, Lily. I came home from work one day and she wasn't there. She knew my routine pretty well so was almost always home to greet me. I immediately had a sinking feeling. When she hadn't shown up a few hours later I knew she was not just out and about. I was distraught.

Notices around the neighbourhood, ads in the paper and on your website, flyers, visits to the SPCA, phone calls to local vets, door knocking at neighbours and friends helping me walk the streets calling her name over the following days and weeks ... and nothing.

The grief over her loss was terrible - I am still amazed how much her disappearance affected me and how hard it is to explain to someone else why you are so devastated over a cat. But she had been a part of my day - every single day. She followed me around the house, 'talked' back and forward to me in the typical Burmese chirrups, slept on my bed, woke me in the mornings by licking my nose, drove me mad chewing the corners of all my photo frames and through my cell phone chargers (I went through 3!), and she smooched, cuddled and purred her way into my affections.

I think the hardest part was not knowing what had happened to her. I've had pets die before and been grief-stricken but able to move on. But the ebbing hope is horrible to go through and the thoughts of what could have happened to her were hard to block out. It's now exactly 3 months later, and last Thursday I set off on a sea kayaking trip for Easter with a dozen other mad paddlers over to Great Mercury Island off the Coromandel Peninsula. It was a very eventful trip in many ways. I got food poisoning the very first night (along with another companion) and spent the first 24 hours running between my bunk and the bathrooms. When finally well again, the first trip out paddling resulted in a rescue off the rocks for one of my fellow kayakers and some anxious moments for the rest of us. On Easter Monday (the day of our scheduled return home) we woke to 35-40 knot head winds and no way to get off the island.

I wasn't all that sorry to get to spend another day on a beautiful island away from the city ... at first. But at 10am I checked my cell phone messages. A young woman's voice on the other end asked me if I had lost a cat as she had found one near her parents place wearing a collar with the name 'Lily' and my cell phone number on the tag. It couldn't be?!! I instantly burst into tears. Everyone else thought someone must have died. After a few moments to calm myself I called the girl back. Her name was Sarah and when she heard my excitement she was just about as jubilant as I was to have found my cat. All of what she was saying didn't sink in at first, as I all I could think was "she's found!!". But after a couple of minutes I realised Sarah was trying to point out just how far away she was. She was in Mercer - approximately 65kms from home!

Suddenly I wanted to get off the island as soon as possible! But patience had to prevail as there was no let-up to the winds. Despite hours of talking through all of the options, we were stuck. A long day of card playing, talking and reading followed. I went to bed as soon as seemed reasonable and woke at 5am. Not known for my early morning starts, it was a shock for all to see my boat loaded up and me out on the water paddling for the mainland at 7.30am!

Sarah had brought Lily back to her home in Auckland and we were finally reunited that afternoon. She was quite thin, her face had a number of scratches, her ears were curled and infected around the edges and she was very subdued... but otherwise intact. A trip to the vets confirmed that, with some medicine, food and lots of TLC, she would be fine.

She was very pleased to be home and slept very close to me all night. I had no complaints when I was woken this morning by licks on the nose. It is amazing to have my lovely cat home after all this time.

I hope I haven't bored you with my story. I read every success story on your website that I could when she first disappeared. I hope that this one will also give other lost pet owners some hope.

Best wishes

Aleahs tag brought her home after a weeks absence due to storms
Aleah successfully reunited due to her ID tag, click to see our ID tag range.Aleah went missing when the storms started & we were extremely worried about her. Placed an ad on Petsonthenet - great to quickly log on for any responses. Finally after a week, we got a call from neighbours who had seen her, and managed to read her ID tag.

She was looking hungry and miserable (as anyone would out in the rain for a week!) and we gratefully went and picked her up. She has settled right back into normal life.

Moral of the story - make sure your pet has an ID tag. Thanks for Petsonthenet for your checklists and great service!"

Ginge found after two months thanks to petsonthenet ID tag...
This is Ginge. His petsonthenet ID tag identified him and led to a happy ending for all..."I have great news! We found Ginge! New Years Eve we had a phone call and yep sure enough he had turned up! He is well and starting to put weight on again,
we decided to let him stay where he is as the people who were feeding him were wanting a cat and he was starting to settle in with them. Two months missing,
but hey we know where he is now.

My advice to all cat owners is get your cat a well fitting collar with your phone number on it from yourselves at!" 

Cheers, Sally

Macy reunited by her ID tag after more than 2 months
After 2 months and 4 days, (not that we were counting) we received the phone call we were hoping would come. Macy had been hanging around a business about 4klm from home for the last 2 weeks. Today was the first time they have been able to get close enough to read her collar...

So she is now home sunning herself, a little skinny, very dirty and with a very hoarse meow...I think she has been over using it...

Thank goodness we put the collar on and that she had not lost it..

We are very happy she is now back with us..

I would be happy for you to use the details of Macy being found. The reflective collar and name tag are the only reason we got her back and am so glad we put it on her.


Robyn Field

Thomas's story...
George and Thomas, soulmates asleep.In June last year we bought ID tags for our beloved little kittens George and Thomas after our previous two little cats had both gone missing a few months earlier.  You were kind enough to publish our ID tag testimonial "ID tag meant severely-injured George had a peaceful and loving end" (see story below).  There's a sad postscript to that story, but another testimonial for ID tags all the same. 

At 7 am on 9 February we received a phone call from a kind-hearted cyclist to say that she had found Thomas on the road just after he had been hit by a car, and appeared to have died while she was with him. His name and our phone number were on the ID tag round his neck and she kindly phoned to tell us to come.  It was close to our home in exactly the same spot as George had been killed 7 months earlier.  We raced out to him, hoping he might just be unconscious, but he had died - he was still warm.  Although unmarked, there were symptoms of a fractured skull so it was probably fairly quick.  Because of her phone call we were able to be with him soon after the event and know that he hadn't been lying there for a while unattended until his absence after his usual dawn outing had become alarming and we'd gone looking.  The whole family is so devastated at his loss - he had become very precious to us as our only-remaining cat (4 gone in 14 months!) and was an affectionate, vocal companion with a great personality - but we are thankful for kind-hearted passers-by, cellphones and especially ID tags!

Julie Arndt
PS:  We'd adopted a little white cat from the SPCA a week earlier and will be ordering an ID tag for him as soon as we can all agree on a name for him!

ID tag meant severely injured George had a peaceful and loving end...
It’s up to you whether you add this testimonial as it’s not the usual success story of a found pet, but a worthwhile testimonial all the same as to the value of the ID tags –  
We were very pleased with the quality of the two little ID tags we ordered from for our two 6 month old kittens – ginger George and black/silver Thomas - and with the speed of their delivery to us after our order was placed.  Having already had two beloved untagged young cats go missing in the space of a few months, tagging these kittens helped for some peace of mind.  

Sadly, a month after receiving the tags, little George was hit by a car at 6 pm one evening not far from our place – the kind driver who came along just shortly afterwards noticed the hurt cat when the car’s headlights shone on the reflector tape we had placed on the front of the tab.   He read his name and our phone number from the back of the tab and phoned me with the details, enabling us to be with George shortly afterwards and take him to the vet with the driver’s kind assistance.  

Although relatively unmarked, an x-ray confirmed a hopelessly broken and displaced spine and we had to make the agonising decision to put him out of his pain and paralysis.  Although heartbroken at the loss of an unusually beautiful (in every sense of the word) little cat, we have taken comfort in the fact that, if he hadn’t been tagged and reported, he would most probably have ended up crawling into the bushes and dying slowly in the night, with us having no idea of his whereabouts or what had happened to him and going frantic with worry meantime (especially having already lost 2).  We’re so glad we were able to be with him and ensure a peaceful and loved end.

Keep up the good work with your wonderful service.
Julie and Michael Arndt

Our tag brings curious cat home quickly...!
I would like to send you and your team a huge big thank you. 

You see, I have a very curious little girl whom one day decided to take a ride in a lady's car...she had great enjoyment peering out the window as the lady drove up to the local service station. 

Thankfully, Asti had on the Pets on the Net pet ID tag I ordered only the week before...hence the reason I got a "come get your cat" phone call, lol.

Thanks, Kelly and Asti



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