Petsonthenet is New Zealands nationwide database for lost and found pets and pets for adoption. Successfully reuniting and rehoming pets since 2002

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Lost your cat or dog? Found a stray pet? Want to adopt a pet?      You've come to the right place for help

Petsonthenet is New Zealand's nationwide database for lost and found pets, and pets for adoption - since 2002.
We help reunite and rehome thousands of pets each year through this service.
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You get peace of mind knowing that you're doing everything possible to reunite a lost pet by posting a listing on Petsonthenet, the one place people know to look for lost and found pets.

This is also the one place that you can view thousands of lost and found pet listings each month from SPCAAnimal Control, vets and the public. Plus you get experienced personal support through our online advice and strategy plans to help reunite lost pets.

It works! Petsonthenet helps reunite and rehome thousands of pets each year
See our recent Lost & Found Pet Success Stories

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"Adopt, Don't Buy and Save a Life..."
Petsonthenet has a high level of success rehoming all kinds of pets with listings from hundreds of shelters including SPCAs and pounds throughout New Zealand, as well as pets for adoption from the public.

Our philosophy is "Adopt, Don't Buy and Save a Life". We are committed to being part of the solution and not part of the problem. So we do not accept ads for pets for sale, instead we support pets in need of adoption. We advocate desexing and publish a list of  Desexing Deals to assist with desexing.

It works! Petsonthenet helps reunite and rehome thousands of pets each year
See our recent
Adoption Success Stories 

Petsonthenet is recommended by the SPCA and the NZ Companion Animal Register

Your optional paid ad upgrades and donations help us to continue to reunite and rehome pets throughout NZ.

How it works
Be a pet detective. How to find a lost pet, or reunite a found pet

Simply register and then easily place your ad. Ads are free for lost pets, found pets and pets for adoption at bronze level. For vastly more exposure, upgrade to an optional paid ad such as Gold Premium or Silver Featured listing.

For Lost Pets...
Check the FOUND pet ads regularly for new listings
Use our comprehensive lost pet advice with printable day by day checklists to make sure you cover all the bases in the search for your lost pet.

For Found Pets
Check the Lost Pet ads
Use our advice to help reunite a pet you have found.

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Petsonthenet advocates "Adopt, Don't Buy", so we do not "sell" pets.

Please adopt and save a life instead...

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By upgrading your ad, you get vastly more exposure for your pet, increasing your chances of success. Plus all funds raised from upgrades help support this service to continue to reunite and rehome pets throughout NZ.

Recipe for success to find lost pets
Duff the cat was reunited via Petsonthenet after five months

Check our found pets daily
New listings are being published online constantly
from the public with daily listings from many SPCAs and pounds. This information is free to list and search 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Renew your ad
Please renew when you get your email renewal notice to ensure your ad keeps going so the window of opportunity is left wide open to help reunite your pet *until* your pet is home safe.

Keep going
Pets can be reunited in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months...Our quickest reunion was within 10 minutes of the ad being placed and our longest reunion was after 2.5 years - both as a direct result of Petsonthenet.

Stay Hopeful
Pets ARE reunited all the time. Petsonthenet helps reunite and rehome thousands of pets each year. For hope and inspiration, see our Success Stories. And when you have success, please share your Success Story too!


 Cedric the cat reunited via Petsonthenet after one year 30/01/2014

"The cat came back - a year later.

Cedric the Burmese cat has been returned to his "very happy" Coatesville family almost a year to the day since he disappeared.

A massive effort to find Cedric included articles in the Rodney Times and sister paper the North Shore Times. Cedric's owner Claire Callister was inundated with calls - but Cedric stayed missing.

Then a Herald Island resident picked up a wandering cat in Whenuapai about 15 kilometres away and posted some photographs of it on It was Cedric.

Sporting a few small injuries, the cat is now back home, bringing closure to a year of worry for the family.

A mishap at a North Shore cattery saw the owner of another chocolate-coloured Burmese cat inadvertently walk away with Cedric on January 20, 2013. The cat immediately escaped from that person's Murrays Bay home. The Callisters returned from summer holiday six days later to find their beloved moggy missing.

They spent hours searching and calling his name and delivered 1500 fliers around the Murrays Bay and Browns Bay area. Emails and messages also went to hundreds of people, and even dirty jeans were used to try to leave a scent for the cat to follow.

Claire thanks all who helped in the search and those who offered other assistance. She's also grateful to for helping bring Cedric back." More (full news article on Stuff)

Cedric's Found Cat listing on Petsonthenet
Cedrics Lost cat ad on Petsonthenet


Tinsel adopted via Petsonthenet
Waikato Times 24/01/2014

"Bailey's new owners wanted a dog with some spunk, and they certainly seem to have got it.

When they found ''Tinsel'' (now Bailey) on the Petsonthenet site, they decided to give her another chance at life.

The puppy had spent almost six weeks in the pound after she was found by animal control, scrawny and roaming the streets." More (full news article on Waikato Times)

Tinsel's Pet for Adoption listing on Petsonthenet

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More Lost Pet Successes

20 year old Snoopy the Chihuahua, reunited via petsonthenet with his owner in Australia!
Trans Tasman reunion within minutes
via Petsonthenet for elderly lost dog

Within minutes of placing a lost pet ad and checking the Found Dog ads, Snoopy the twenty year old Chihuahua was reunited via Petsonthenet.

Animal Management West had listed Snoopy as found on Petsonthenet and the connection was made with his owner hundreds of kilometers away! More

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More Adoption Successes

Long distance love leads to adoption
for pound hound via Petsonthenet

Over 13,000 km away in Canada, Cooper was found on Petsonthenet in NZ. The people emailed Hamilton Animal Control to say they’d be moving to NZ soon and could they come and see him. "They flew in on the 20th, and drove down from Auckland on the 21st to see him.

They came back the following weekend to pick him up, and are completely in love with him..." More

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Petsonthenet's core philosophies

"Adopt, don't buy"

and "Desex your pets"

Please, be part of the solution with us...




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Hedgehog Help
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Coping with unresolved pet loss...
Find help here for coping with unresolved loss of a much loved pet.


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Be part of the solution - Petsonthenet's philosophies; "Adopt, don't buy" and "Desex your pets"

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