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Max & RastusTribute Site
For  Max, Rastus and Gaynor who took the final golden road over the rainbow bridge together... 
20 January 1998.


  Max and Rastus

Continuing their 
memory and good work today

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On 20th January 1998, we lost three iconic New Zealanders in   
 a road accident, doing what they loved best - riding their motorbike together .

They were Max Corkill, his new love Gaynor Martin and his bike riding,  
helmet wearing black cat companion, Rastus .

We took Max and Rastus into our hearts  
 as our own as we saw Max riding his motorbike  
 with Rastus steadfastly leading the way,  
 firmly holding onto the front of the  
motorbike with his strong, loyal feet...  








   A special permanent memorial and tribute to Max and Rastus
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