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Animal welfare organisations/shelters & rescues etc

> For ALL pets/animals
> Cats
> Dogs
> Rabbits
> Rats
> Ferrets
> Chinchillas
> Guinea Pigs/Cavies
> Horses
> Turtles
> Fish, frogs and aquatics
> Hedgehogs
> Birds
> Butterflies

Other Links
> Pet websites
> Lost Pet Resources
> Especially for kids

> Other worthy links (non pet)

Shelters and/or rescues for ALL pets

Animal Controls (Pounds) (NZ wide)
SPCAs (NZ wide)
All other shelters

Animal Organisations, Animal Welfare and Animal Rights etc
Animal abuse/cruelty
Page of links to help students doing assignments on the topic...

Animal Law Legal advice and assistance on animals and the law in New Zealand
Articles from Animal Law >
Poisoned pet food, how the law values pets

A.R.L.A.N. (Animal Rights Legal Advocacy NetworkNZ

NZ Companion Animal Council (NZCAC)

P.A.C.A.T. People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport. Dedicated to the abolition of the live animal export from Australia

Desexing caravan schedule

Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) NZ

The Humane Society of NZ Inc

WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) NZ

Cat Organisations, Cat Welfare, Cat Shelters, Cat Rights and Cat Websites etc

Animal Rescue Thames
(Coromandel peninsula to Te Aroha)
Rescue, rehabilitation & rehoming of cats & kittens. Socialisation of unsocialised kittens - from hissy to kissy. Coromandel peninsula to Te Aroha

Cat Care Rangiora Caring for cats in North Canterbury and surrounding areas

Cats Inc NZ Cat registry

Cats in Need Trust (Auckland). We rescue unwanted, abused and abandoned cats and kittens, bring them back to perfect health and rehome them. All our cats and kittens are desexed. Donations and volunteers most welcome.

Cats Protection league (CPL) Waikato (Waikato)

Cats Protection League (CPL) Christchurch

Cats Protection League (CPL) Wellington
See CPL Wellington cats/kittens for adoption 

Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust (Christchurch)
Focuses on reducing stray cat overpopulation by using the trap-neuter-return (TNR)
method. Homeless cats and kittens who can be socialised are desexed and re homed.

Forgotten Felines (North Shore & Hibiscus Coast)
Dedicated to the rescue and care of stray and abandoned cats

Lonely Miaow
(Greater Auckland).
We rescue and care for stray, feral and abandoned cats and kittens in the greater Auckland area. See Lonely Miaow cats/kittens for adoption

Natz Pet Essentials (Upper Hutt)
Pet shop with a twist. Rehoming resuced cats and kittens

South Waikato Cat Sanctuary (Tokoroa based, wider Nth Island for needy cats)
We strive for quality care of abandoned, abused & neglected cats & kittens. Cats or
kittens available for adoption.

Cat Breed Rescues
Rescue (please email for contact details)

Cat Breed Identifier

Dog Organisations, Dog Welfare, Dog Rights and Dog Websites etc
Can Poor People Own Dogs
Treat Dog Owners with Respect (website/petition for change for dog owners in 
Manukau City)

CDANZ (Chained Dog Awareness NZ)
Against the cruel practise of chained dogs

Dog Friends ask Auckland and Rodney Council to "Give my Friend a Fair Deal"
Treat Dog Owners with Respect (website/petition for change for dog owners in 
Manukau City) -

Dogwatch (Canterbury)
For the rescue and rehoming of condemned pound dogs
DPS (Dog Protection Society)
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust

National Canine Cancer Foundation (USA based, global content)

SPCAs (NZ wide)

Dog Breed Rescues and / or Dog Clubs (in alphabetical order)
 (Please email your rescue details for free inclusion in this list...)

All breeds (dog rescue)

Animal Controls (Pounds) NZ wide. Your local Animal Control (pound) does rehome dogs

CDANZ (Chained Dog Awareness NZ) Against the cruel practise of chained dogs
 SPCAs (NZ wide)
The Humane Society of NZ Inc. (Auckland) 

Breed Specific (dog rescue)
 Alaskan Malamute Rescue (NZ wide, particularly North Island)

 Basenji Rescue

Boxer Rescue
>>> See our current dogs for adoption

 Briard Rescue

 Bull Mastiff (NZ Dominion Bull Mastiff Club Inc includes rescue)

Collie Rescue (Rough and Smooth Coated Collies  >>> See our current dogs for adoption

Dalmatian Rescue
 Doberman Rescue

 GAP (Greyhounds As Pets)
pet homes for retired racing greyhounds. 
 See GAP dogs for adoption

 Hounds4Homes E
ducating the community about retired racing greyhounds and helping to place them in suitable homes.

 German Shepherd Rescue Trust NZ wide, Auckland based
 > Good Resource  > Bonding with a rescue dog 

 Mastiff Breeds Rescue and Rehoming (NZ wide)

 Independent rescue and rehome service specialising in all Mastiff breeds, although our work mainly involves Dogue de Bordeaux and Neapolitan Mastiffs.
We are not associated with, nor affiliated too, any breed club, but we do work closely alongside SPCA's and pounds to help place unwanted, abused or neglected purebred Mastiff breeds into permanent, loving homes. See our main ad on
, then click "show all ads by this advertiser" to see if we have any
 dogs for adoption currently. 

Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) Rescue. NZ wide, Auckland based.
 (please email us for contact details)

 Pug Rescue (NZ wide)

 Pyrenean Mountain Dog Rescue. (NZ wide) Contact Jan Chaplin.

 Siberian Husky Rescue
 Swedish Vallhund

Rabbit Organisations, Rabbit Welfare, Rabbit Rights and Rabbit Websites etc

None at present, please email potential worthy links...

 Rabbit rescues
 Himatangi Beach Animal Refuge
Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue

Rat websites
The Kiwi rat resource. Very comprehensive website with breed identifier, forum, online shop for rat accessories - everything. Highly recommended.

Ratz Down-Under New Zealand Rat Accessories for sale (sales support rat rescue) and information on rat care. Lodge (specialised boarding care for rats in Auckland)
Rat rescues
 Ratz Down-Under New Zealand
 Rattery, Rescue and Lodge. Adoptions/surrenders (NZ wide).

 NZ Rat Rescue (NZ wide)
The NZ rat rescue takes in and rehomes abandoned or needy pet rats around New  
 Zealand. We have foster homes in a number of areas such as Auckland and Wellington and always have some rats available for adoption.

Ferret Rescue

Little Ferret Paws Shelter/Rescue New Zealand. Excellent NZ information on ferrets....

Chinchilla Rescue

NZ Chinchilla Rescue, also information on Chinchillas.

Guinea Pigs
Rescue/Shelters in NZ

Cavy Creek Guinea Pig Refuge (Auckland)
Himatangi Beach Animal Refuge and Guinea Pig Rescue
Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue (Auckland)

Horse Rescue in NZ
 Equine NZ (Horse Rescue) 
 Himatangi Beach Animal Refuge

 Horse Websites
Equestrian news, information, classifieds, forums and more

Turtle Rescue (Auckland)
Turtles Rescue and Rehoming (Christchurch)
Advice on what to do with a found (lost) turtle  and turtle FAQ

Breed Identifier
Books on Turtles

Fish, Frogs & Aquatics
Fish Rescue. Fish, newts, frogs, reptiles, axolotyls etc. Rescue for unwanted and also "aquatic nanny" for those needing care of aquatic pets whilst holiday etc
(Turtles, see Turtles)

Stop Goat Abuse Advocate, educate, rescue and campaign towards a ban on the practice of tethering goats in New Zealand. Also goat care resource.

A common "hedgie" problem is mange (looks like prickles are falling out. It's treatable, not a death sentence..! (see first aid below)

First Aid and Care for NZ Hedgehogs (and Hedgehog Rescue details)
Basic first aid and information on hedgehogs, specifically written (by us!) for NZ.  Advice on keeping our gardens safe and hedgehog friendly for one of our favourite "garden helpers".

Hedgehog FAQ (international)
, a wealth of information to help hedgehogs. Not a NZ resource, but still much here applicable to NZ on wild hedgehogs

Bird shelters/rescue
Bird Haven
We find homes for unwanted birds, and take birds you may find and reunite them with their owners. Napier based, but will collect anywhere in the North Island for free. Sick birds helped all types of birds.
Bird Rescue (NZ wide)
Our centres accept and care for. All New Zealand birds and
wildlife whether they are native, non-native or pet. The Green Bay Center assisted close to 4,000 birds last year, many being the victims of cat attacks, road accidents, pollution (such as fishing line and nylon entanglements and botulism) or human cruelty. Excellent online resources for Rescuing birds and also Hazards

Bird Wing Auckland SPCA has several Bird Wing volunteers in Auckland caring for 
various sick, injured or lost birds. Wild or pet birds. Phone SPCA on 256 7300 for details.

Himatangi Beach Animal Refuge (including seabirds)

The Chicken Rescue Network (page on
caring for ex-battery hens)

Bird websites
Parrot Society of NZ
NZ Birds
in depth information about New Zealand's birds


Butterflies are "wild pets" that grace our gardens and lift our hearts with their sheer presence. They also need protecting...find out how you can help.

 Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust

Other Links
Pet Websites
Dogwalker free online park and walk reviews, search NZ dog parks and walks.

Downsize My Pet Website of the New Zealand TV programme

Peter Neville, UK based cat and dog behaviourist and author
Online store for training books, DVD's etc and offers several online pet behaviour  correspondence courses i.e. "Think Cat" which may be done from NZ. Will post books etc to NZ also, as this is the only way to buy "Do cats need Shrinks?" which is out of print here.

Smarter than Jack

Lost Pet Resources (NZ and international)
For New Zealand lost and found pets, see our resources/advice and place a free ad in our nationwide database 

NZ Companion Animal Register
Jenne Mundy - Cat Profiler. (USA) Jenne is the only person in the world who is trained and certified to offer professional Feline Behavioural Profiling. Jenne will assist New Zealanders by email with personal cat profiling on a paid case by case basis.She also offers excellent free online information about cat profiling.

 Kat Albrecht. The Lost Pet Chronicles
Ex police woman and founder of Missing Pet Partnership (USA). Excellent pet profiling resources. Kat developed methods and training for "pet detectives". There are no pet detectives in NZ as of yet, but training is available in the USA, if anyone wishes to do this, it would seem an untapped idea here... (UK based)
Advice, support and links for those with lost cats.

Advice on finding lost pets after an earthquake (or other natural disaster)


Especially for kids...
Animal Careers in New Zealand  
> Great resource and support for those wanting a career with animals from Zoo Keeper to Vet to Dog Groomer.

 Kids for Birds. NZ artist Janet Marshall, has created a wonderful online resource for
 kids. It features colouring in from her own lovely drawings of our native birds, stories and information about NZ birds. There is over 30 pages of information with a Kids Art Gallery, links and much more. Highly recommended by petsonthenet! SPCA education - pet activity sheets, colouring in etc, age appropriate
online resources Years 1 - 8  Years  9 -13

Kids Friendly NZ

Other worthy links
(Not pet related, but kindred sites in the same spirit as petsonthenet)
Give and recieve like online dating for donations


Five top tips for choosing and caring for a new kitten5 top tips to help choose and care for your new kitten

10 symptoms of FLUTD (Feline Lower Uterinary Tract Disease)10 warning signs
in your cat
you shouldn't



Coping with
pet loss



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