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NZ region
Hamilton Animal Control: Cool dude "Harley" StaffyX, 1 year old, Male

Harley here is a super handsome dude and is looking for his new forever home. Harley is very dog social and loves attention, he is very friendly and loves to have some fun running around. If you...

Waikato 27 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: "Murphy" Staffy mix, 5 months old, male

How adorable is Murphy?! <3 This 4-5mth old cheeky chubster is looking for a fun family to join... I'm not sure how anyone could say no to this face!

Waikato 24 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: "Digby" Sharpei Mix, Male, 6 months

The new kid DIGBY is a bit of an overachiever... During his photo-shoot he promptly worked out that sitting on things posing = treats. So he popped up onto the top of the playground like it was no...

Waikato 24 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: "Kitty" Staffy cross, Female, 9 months old

One day we received a call about a little tan dog looking lost and running in traffic on a busy road - how she ended up there, we'll never know. While a kind passerby was calling us to help, the poor...

Waikato 24 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: "Bernie" Bearded Collie cross, 1 year old

This new fella is called Bernie. Bernie is a Bearded Collie cross and one super awesome dude, very smart and social. Bernie will need to go to a home that can give him lots of exercise and play.

Waikato 24 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: "Lady" Whippet/Staffy mix, 4 months old, Female

Introducing the lovely and sweet hearted Lady. We think Lady is a Staffy Whippet cross approximately 4 to 5 months old. Lady is very smart and quite gentle and needs to be in a positive and loving...

Waikato 24 April 2017
*DAISY ADOPTED* Hamilton Animal Control/Adopt a Dog: Delightful Daisy - sweet & gorgeous 11mth old whippet/collie type

NOW ADOPTED!~ The very beautiful Daisy. She is such a gorgeous dog - I love her. She is looking for a home. Still. 64 days and counting. How crazy is that?! Daisy is a medium (15/16kg)...

Waikato 24 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: Lovely "Lucy" Mastiff Mix, 10 Months old, Female

Lucy is looking for her new forever family <3 Lucy is a Mastiff mix approximately ten months old and is good with other dogs. Adoption fee is $285 (This includes microchipping, desexing,...

Waikato 24 April 2017
Hamilton Animal Control: Super Adorable "Pebbles" Staffy Mix, 10 weeks old, Female

I think that the phrase "super adorable" might be a bit of an understatement when it comes to Pebbles. She is so sweet and playful, she could brighten up anyone's day with a few cuddles. Pebbles is...

Waikato 24 April 2017
**ADOPTED** Hamilton Animal Control - LUKE Huntaway X Foxy

NOW ADOPTED! Introducing LUKE He's a super adorable Huntaway cross, approximately 5 months old. He most likely won't grow to big as he has his adult teeth already. Luke loves people and seems...

Waikato 03 February 2017
**ADOPTED** Hamilton Animal Control - BENJI Mini Poodle X Yorkshire terrier

NOW ADOPTED! Another new addition :) This handsome pup is Benji Benji is a Miniature Poodle X Yorkshire Terrier, approximately 2 years old. Benji is a really cool dude, He loves to...

Waikato 03 February 2017
*ADOPTED via petsonthenet* Hamilton Animal Control; OPAL the little labX puppy.

Opal's new family adopted a dog of us 2 years ago - Zora (now Bella) - and decided that it was time to get her a sister so back they came! yay! Opal is a happy affectionate wee girl. She would...

Waikato 11 January 2017
*CHESTER ADOPTED* Hamilton Animal Control: Sharpei/Husky mix, 10 months old, male

NOW ADOPTED! Looks like a husky/sharpei (those ears!), male, approx. 10months. Energetic, bouncy & funloving pup. Can sit but doesn't appear to have had any other training. Good food drive &...

Waikato 28 December 2016
**ADOPTED**Hamilton Animal Control: One of a kind, extra special, middle aged beardie X - Scraggle-Dog!!

NOW ADOPTED!! An extra special home is needed for this extra special boy. We have no history on him, he was reported roaming the streets and when our officer turned up he was quite happy to...

Waikato 06 December 2016
Hamilton Animal Control; *ADOPTED via Petsonthenet to Napier! AJ, cutie little doberman mix baby

Lucky little AJ will be living with his lovely new family in Napier. Yay for AJ, and big thanks to POTN and to his new family who came all that way for him!! :) Note from Petsonthenet: Ash was...

Waikato 02 October 2016
Hamilton Animal Control; *ADOPTED via petsonthenet* Thor, our extra special little bubba. Akita X?

NOW ADOPTED!! This listing had lost it's photos during our websearch update, so little Thor was adopted quite some time ago. This adorable little bundle is a staff fave so we are going to be...

Waikato 02 October 2016
Hamilton Animal Control: *ADOPTED THROUGH PETSONTHENET* - Tinsel (now Bailey) has a fantastic new home! Hooray!!

UPDATE: Now adopted - for a lovely article about Tinsel (Bailey) see: http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/life-style/9646760/Where-are-they-now-Waikatos-neediest-pets Teeny Tiny Tinsel has...

Waikato 25 September 2016
*ADOPTED* Hamilton Animal Control; Handsome & cheeky 6mth english staffy (mostly) - VINNIE

NOW ADOPTED! Handsome Vinnie is having the worst luck finding a home, and he's now spent far too much of his puppy-hood sitting in a pound when he should have been out in a home with a family of...

Waikato 30 June 2016
Tori has been ADOPTED! Outdoorsy, cuddly 5mth old female puppy. Hamilton Animal Control:

NOW ADOPTED! Beautiful Tori is desperate for a home. This bright, bubbly girl has had no interest at all. Not one person has inquired about her. Not one person has been to see her. She has been...

Waikato 19 June 2016
*Adopted via PETSONTHENET* Hamilton Animal Control: Zeb - Foxy, male, young adult

Zeb’s a pretty cool little guy! He’s bouncy and outgoing and spunky- as you’d expect from a terrier. He will need to be part of an active household because he’s got energy to burn. He’d be...

- 13 June 2016

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Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet


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