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Auckland Vet Directory

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Since 2002 petsonthenet.co.nz has provided New Zealand's specialist service for lost and found pets and pets for adoption, successfully reuniting and rehoming thousands of pets each year. SPCAs, vets and pounds actively refer people to Petsonthenet, plus our top Google rankings, all direct people here to see your ad.

Community service ads

These ads are free at bronze level, however we highly recommend you give your ad much more visibility by adding some form of upgrade such as an Attention Getter, Gold or Silver ad.
Plus by upgrading, you give your pet a much higher amount of exposure/publicity AND your payment also directly supports the continuation of this service to help reunite and rehome pets throughout NZ.

Free Community Service ad categories include... Lost Pets, Found Pets, Pets for Adoption, Success Stories, Fosters, Events, Petitions and Submissions, Pet Accessories for Free, Pet Accessories Wanted, Pet Friendly Accommodation Offered, Volunteers and Shelter Profiles

Paid ad categories include...
Pet Accessories For Sale, Books/DVDs For Sale, Pet Friendly Rental Accommodation Wanted,
Rainbow Bridge Tributes

Pet Directory (for pet related businesses)
Please see www.petsonthenet.co.nz/advertise
for more information.


AD RATES (if applicable) 

The following features are FREE....
Optional Upgrades
Prices are per ad, per duration i.e. per week for lost pets and may be optionally renewed, upgraded or downgraded upon ad renewal.
View and search all ads FREE
Register (no membership fees etc to pay) FREE
Reply to ads FREE
Post an ad up to 5000 characters long (in a community service category..) FREE
Post up to 3 photos per ad (EXTRA PICTURES over this are $1 per picture, per ad duration)
Have your ad displayed on the Ads Homepage under Newest Listings (20 newest ads) FREE
Gallery (thumbnail image shows on browse)    FREE
Publish phone and other contact details if desired FREE
Website Link FREE
Video Link   FREE
Facebook link  FREE
Facebook/twitter button for instant sharing    FREE
Online lost pet advice, daily strategy plans/checklists      FREE
Technical Support/Personal Customer Services (no 0900 numbers here!)         FREE
Ad renewal for free (bronze level) ads   


No Success Fees - but we love your success stories!  





 Pet Accessories for sale   Duration 1 week (renewable) OR Annual Subscription (renewable)
 Books/DVDs For Sale
Casual ad
 $5.00 per week
Annual Subscription. Publish up to 500 ads in this category at any one time   
 $99.00 per annum

NB: CHARITIES, RESCUES and SHELTERS get FREE ads in this section to assist fundraising by selling items and books. Please email team@petsonthenet.co.nz so we can do a special admin code change that will allow your shelter username to advertise in this section for free

Pet Friendly Rental Accommodation Wanted    Duration 1 week (renewable)
5000 character ad with up to three pictures.
You can even add a video link showing your well behaved pets and well maintained home and garden!
$5.00 per week

NB: Pet friendly Rental Accommodation Offered ads are FREE at bronze level
NB: Pet Friendly Accommodation (holiday and short term) comes under our Pet Directory, see www.petsonthenet.co.nz/advertise for annual rates


Rainbow Bridge Tributes   Duration 1 year (renewable) 
Bronze level Tribute (5000 characters and up to 8 pictures) $9.95 per year
Silver Featured Tribute (5000 characters and up to 8 pictures) $19.95 per year
Attention Getter (such as Extra Special, Gorgeous Girl, Cool Dude etc)
$5.00 per year

Payment Options
If payment is due, payment is via secure online via credit card OR by online banking.

Credit Card Payment (immediate publication)
Payment is via secure online credit card via PayPal in NZ dollars. You do not need to be a member of Paypal to pay via PayPal. When you get to the Paypal secure form, simply click the text link saying "Don't have a PayPal account" and you can pay by entering your credit card details etc on the form without being a member.

Online Banking Payment (delayed publication)
Select the online banking option and your listing/s will go into a "pending queue" pending approval by Admin. Admin is sent an email immediately when a listing is "pending". During normal business hours we will read this and then publish the listing and send you an email with our bank account details and the amount etc which is due for immediate payment to be made that day, thank you. Once the listing is published, payment is then due just like any advertising in any media. In the happy event your pet is found/adopted very soon after the ad is published, payment is still due please.

The online banking option allows a paid upgrade in advance of payment and is offered strictly on an honesty basis in trust payment will be made promptly. This free community service relies heavily on optional paid upgrades to fund the running of our service which helps to reunite and rehome thousands of pets each year.. Whilst we find 99% of people are honest and do pay promptly, anyone who abuses our trust by deliberately not paying will have their ad downgraded or removed and will be excluded from using the priviledge of the online banking payment option again i.e. payment for any future upgrade will need to be made at the time of publication by credit card.

No refunds or advertising credits will be given. Advertising is purchased for a set period ie 7 days and is not refundable, or able to be held as a credit for future use, or transferred to any other listing as a credit. If the advertising is no longer required after commencement i.e. in the happy event your pet is reunited or adopted prior to the seven day period running out, no refund or credit will be given for the "unused" period.

Phone and email support is available. Please see Contact Us
for contact details. For emergency assistance with a sick or injured animal, please call your local SPCA , vet or after hours vet.

Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet

Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet


   Be part of the solution - Petsonthenet's philosophies; "Adopt, don't buy" and "Desex your pets"

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