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Renew your ad



Please renew your ad if it is still required

If you have a lost or found pet ad listed with us, we strongly encourage you to continue to renew this ad "until" the pet is reunited.
Pets have been reunited after weeks, months and even years via petsonthenet.co.nz - so please, don't give up too soon. We recommend you keep renewing your ad for a lost pet for at least six months with us and please keep checking our ads regularly for possible matches. If your ad expires and your lost pet is no longer listed with us, we cannot work the "magic" for you, so please help us to help you find your pet by RENEWING your ad.

Miracles happen all the time on this website - there is no time limit for miracles...

If your ad has expired already, don't panic, we hold a copy of it for up to 90 days in your "My Expired Ads" section.
Click here for help on "How to re-start an ad which has already expired OR simply email us your five digit ad number (or copy of your renewal notice) to team@petsonthenet.co.nz. If you would like an ad upgrade such as Gold, Silver or an Attention Getter please also advise us and we will arrange this manually with you (versus online).

Click here to watch a video on how to renew your ad or follow the text instructions below...

To renew your ad
"small button image" Go to
www.petsonthenet.co.nz/ads and click the "Login" link* 
"small button image" Once logged in, click the "My Account" link
"small button image" Click the "My Current Ads" link**
"small button image" Select the ad you want to renew and click the "Manage This Ad" button
"small button image" Click the "renew" button Renew Listing
(When you renew you have the OPTION to upgrade your add (add extras), downgrade your ad (remove extras) or to continue your ad at the same level as the previous week.
It's up to you to choose which level of ad to renew with. If you choose an ad or ad extra requiring payment, you will go through the Paypal cart process to provide your credit card details on a secure server).

Bumping your ad up
Renewing your ad does not "bump" your ad back to the top of the list. To bump your ad up, you need to also edit the text of your ad slightly, causing it to bump up to the top of both "Newest Listings" on the home page of the ads and also on the top of the section you have posted your ad into.

You may "bump" your ad up as often as you wish. The higher up the list your ad remains, the more exposure your ad will get. The "Newest" 20 listings appear on the homepage which is premium exposure, so regular "bumping" helps.

* Forgot your password? Click the "Login" link and then click the "forgot password" button -  the system will email it to you automatically
** Can't see your ad? It may have expired already. To check this, click the "My Expired Ads" link, your ad should be listed there if it expired in the past 90 days. If it is, see "
How to restart an expired ad instructions" instead.

Don't want an expiry notice every week?
For some ad types you can choose a longer ad duration so you get less expiry notices. To do this follow the instructions above about how to renew; after clicking the "renew button" just choose a longer duration for your ad i.e. 14 or 30 days.

Please note that for LOST PETS, we only allow seven day renewal option, as with thousands of lost pet ads posted each month it is critical that the lost pet listings be as up to date as possible. Otherwise our database would quickly become less user friendly if it were clogged up with potentially thousands of ads that were  no longer required. HOWEVER, in special circumstances where you will be unable to renew yourself ie going overseas or into hospital for a few weeks, contact us and we will manually extend your ad temporarily.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please
Contact Us  





Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet

Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet


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