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WALLE IS NOW IN A LOVELY TRIAL HOME! Only 10 days left to get Walle into care Listing Number: 167428

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Listing Information

  • Date listing last updated
  • 13 September 2017
  • City:
  • Auckland
  • NZ region
  • Auckland
  • Country
  • New Zealand

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"It is with relieved and happy hearts that we are able to inform you that we have chosen a loving trial home for Walle with a family of five. Walle loves to be in the middle of action, so a home with three children will keep his mind stimulated and his body endlessly cuddled.

We were delighted with the response Walle's plea brought and have interviewed and/or met several applicants. Apologies if we didn't get to you - it was a difficult choice on a deadline because such lovely homes were offered for him.

Walle's family is busy making preparations so that he will be secure on their property when we take him there to begin his four week trial this weekend. His 8-week training course is booked and our groomer, Linde Walker, kindly gave him a complimentary bath and groom today in readiness for his new life. Thanks so much Linde!"

Huge thanks to everyone who shared Walle's post, offered emergency foster care or applied for his adoption.

URGENT: Contact us at info@animalrehoming.co.nz

Walle’s caregivers are unable to keep him… and he must be in a permanent or foster home within 10 days!

Although he's almost nine-years-old, little Walle is a healthy, energetic live-wire and his successful applicants will need to make exercising and training him a priority in their lives. Fences and gates will need to be a minimum of 1.5metres high.

Walle is a small-medium dog, weighing 10.6 kilograms and is a beautiful mix of Jack Russell, Bichon Frise and Lhasa Apso - he is one very handsome little boy!

We are seeking a home for Walle where he is the only pet and where his successful applicant will agree to a pre-booked series of weekly dog training classes as a condition of his adoption.

Walle’s previous caregiver describes him in this way:
“Walle needs to be on a lead at all times, otherwise he will run away to explore - and not return when called. He gets excited and pulls on the lead because he hasn’t been walked enough – only a few times a year and he has had no training. He’s very affectionate so he loves licking your face, and sitting close to you. He also loves being patted, kissed and cuddled, bathed and brushed. He likes to stick his head out the car window – but most of all he wants to be with the people he loves and to play with a ball. Walle needs someone who can handle his excitement, cheekiness, naughtiness, someone who will carefully introduce him to other dogs and take him to training so he can be let off the leash”.

When asked about Walle’s most annoying traits, this was the reply:
“Given the chance, he will climb on benches and tables, and rummage through rubbish bins. He sometimes chews on his harness, lead and bed. He’s not sure how to behave around dogs or other animals – but he loves people of all ages”.

Please register your interest if you have plenty of time and energy to spend with this little man, if you will take him for walks and attend obedience classes with him, if you will be patient while an old dog learns new tricks... and if you can offer him a comfortable retirement.

If you live on the North Shore of Auckland and are able to foster Walle as a backup option, we also look forward to hearing from you at info@animalrehoming.co.nz

Thank you.


  • Breed/s
  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Desex Status
  • Microchip
  • Jack Russell/Bichon Frise/Lhasa Apso X
  • Walle
  • Almost 9 years
  • Male
  • Yes, desexed
  • Don't know


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Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet


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