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Listing Information

  • Date listing last updated
  • 13 September 2017
  • City:
  • Auckland
  • NZ region
  • Auckland
  • Country
  • New Zealand

Photos ( » All Full Size Images )

  • Humphrey rooster.JPG
  • Rooster Frank Sinatra (NSCC, Rick R).jpg
  • Rooster Clyde without Bonnie in new home.jpg
  • Rooster River Irene RH.JPG
  • Rooster Prism Irene RH.JPG
  • Rooster Slate Irene RH.JPG
  • Rooster Chooka face.JPG
  • Rooster Sugar in daypack.JPG
  • 015.JPG
  • Rooster Papercuts Anna S.jpg
  • Rooster Moonlight Anna S.jpg
  • 006.JPG
  • Boatshop Rooster. Lion & bro.JPG
  • Premiere Wake Up Call. Rooster Pip..JPG
  • Rooster Beauty1.JPG
  • Rooster Handsome.JPG
  • 045.JPG
  • Victor foot tripping.JPG
  • Little Roo thriving.JPG
  • Rooster Squirt.JPG


To view our short rooster documentary please visit http://youtu.be/vXB16ExZE44

When irresponsible and callous people abandon their roosters in public places, these vulnerable birds face regular authorised slaughters, public abuse, poachers killing them for human consumption or eel bait, starvation, harassment, dog attacks and traffic injuries.

Animal Re-homing has found kind, life-long homes for over 2000 of these creatures during the past twelve years, but we are now out of safe havens for roosters.

Please join the many North Island families who have offered their homes to one or 100 of these colourful boys. If your able to start a rooster sanctuary, we would also love to hear from you.

Please check with your council that you are zoned rural and therefore permitted to care for roosters.

Please also ensure that your property is safe from roaming dogs and that your nearest neighbours don't mind the sound of crowing.

Although they would no doubt enjoy the comfort of a coop, they would be satisfied with being fed once daily and sleeping in the trees at night.

We look forward to your life-saving responses with appreciation as we always have lovely roosters urgently needing homes. Conditions apply.

NOTE: If you witness anyone dumping chickens in public places, please note the time and date and write down their car number plate and description. If possible, also take a photograph of the offender(s) and forward all details to the Auckland SPCA so that a prosecution follows. Please inform others that abandoning an animal is cruel and is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act. Offenders will be fined up to $50,000.00, face a 12 month prison term…or both.

For more information and pictures, to foster animals or to make a donation, please write to Animal Re-homing, PO BOX 35-298, Auckland 0753 or visit www.animalrehoming.co.nz Thank you.


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Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet

Bring your pets home faster with an ID tag. All sales help support Petsonthenet


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